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Transportation Priorities

What is the Transportation Priorities Plan? 


The Transportation Priorities Plan (TPP) is a planning project to listen to community values around transportation investment and then take those values to develop a prioritization process so that projects that best meet our values rise to the top and are priority for investment. The prioritization process will be taken to City Council. Learn more HERE

Initial Prioritization!

We applied the Council approved criteria and metrics to all approved plans and prepared the Initial Prioritization.

Community engagement for the Initial Prioritization was conducted August 10 through September 11, 2022 and public comment is now closed so we can prepare for taking the initial prioritization to City Council.

While public comment is closed, you can still learn about the effort:

Graphic that states: Initial Prioritization 

Stay up to date and learn about upcoming opportunities for you to get involved!

The City is committed to engaging residents from all of Sacramento’s diverse communities, business owners and organizations, advocacy and service groups, and decisionmakers to produce a Transportation Priorities Plan that is forward thinking, viable, and meaningful.


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Project Milestones

We've accomplished some significant work on the TPP.

Check back soon for information on next steps!