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Initial Prioritization

The Initial Prioritization is the outcome of applying the community based values, criteria and metrics to the over 700 planned transportation projects.

What projects were prioritized?

Transportation projects that have been approved by City Council, those that included community engagement, and are in a plan or study. For a list of projects, please see HERE.

How were the projects prioritized?

The community values shared during Phase 1 became the criteria and metrics for transportation investments and prioritization adopted by City Council on March 15, 2022. They include improving air quality, climate and health; providing equitable investment; providing access to destinations; improving transportation safety; and fixing and maintaining the system.

TPP Prioritization Criteria Air Quality, Climate and Health; Equity; Connections to Places: Safety; and Maintenance

Initial Prioritization

Community engagement for the Initial Prioritization was conducted August 10 through September 11, 2022 and public comment is now closed so we can prepare for taking the initial prioritization to City Council.

While public comment is closed, you can still learn about the effort. 
This is an initial prioritization and all materials are available at the links below, there is no draft plan or PDF document in this phase. 

Link to information in ChineseLink to information in EnglishLink to information in Hmong

Link to information in SpanishLink to information in Vietnamese

Initial Prioritization outcomes include:

  • 41 miles of the 364 miles of planned improvements are identified as high priority.
  • 70% of the initial high priority projects are on the City’s Vision Zero High Injury Network, or streets with the highest number of severe injuries and fatalities.
  • 85% of the initial high priority projects will improve connections to jobs.
  • 90% of the initial high priority projects are on streets with poor pavement and serve a lot of people.
  • 95% of the initial high priority projects benefit communities that lack basic transportation infrastructure like sidewalks, streetlights, bikeways, trees or traffic signals. 

The Initial Prioritization is shown on our online map in multiple languages, linked below: 

Tiếng Việt