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The City of Sacramento continues to make our City even friendlier for bicycling! The information below outlines efforts related to bicycling in the City.

Current Projects

The City of Sacramento has a number of projects in development.

Bike Map

It is easy to get around on your bike in Sacramento if you know where the bikeways are! You can review our Bikeway User Map for information on our existing network.

Bike Share Program

Learn more about the Tower Bridge Preview Bike Share Program. Full program launch this Fall 2017.


We have a number of bike parking programs:

  • Looking to accommodate bike parking for your business? The City will install bicycle racks or bicycle corrals in the public right-of-way for businesses that need bicycle parking.
  • The City of Sacramento also offers low-cost rentals of bicycle lockers and bicycle enclosures.
  • Did you know there are electronic bike lockers at the Sacramento Valley Train Station? To use the eLocker (costing 5 cents an hour), you must purchase and activate a BikeLink card in advance for $20. Cards are available online and at the ticket counter at the station.

Did you know the City adopted the Bike Rack Design and Placement Standards? All bike racks in the public right-of-way must meet these standards.


The City of Sacramento now offers a monthly, free urban bicycling class that covers topics like the rules of the road and to how to enjoy the ride.

2016 Bicycle Master Plan

The 2016 Bicycle Master Plan was approved by City Council on August 16, 2016. The Plan guides the development of bikeways, supports facilities like bike parking, and programs such as education and encouragement.

city And county bicycle advisory committee (SacBac)

The City and County Bicycle Advisory Committee (SacBAC) was formed in 1995 to advise on bicycle related issues. Meetings are held in Council Chambers at 6pm once a month. You can download the 2017 meeting calendar here. Agendas are posted here and archived meeting information (February 2017 and on) is here.


Help us identify and return stolen bicycles to their owners by registering your bike on our Ride On! Bike Registry.