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Bicycle Rack Program – Getting Started

Qualifying Criteria

Due to limited funding, highest priority will be given to property owners who meet the following set criteria:

  • The request must be for bike racks on public property. We cannot install racks on private property
  • Business must have limited or no space on the property to provide bicycle parking.
  • Business must be currently in operation and have customers, employees or visitors whom utilize bicycles to travel to the business.
  • A demonstrated demand for bicycle parking must be evident.
  • Businesses that are required to provide on-site bicycle parking as a condition of a planning entitlement or building permit do not qualify.
  • Only requests made by property owners or tenants for commercial uses will be considered. This includes retail, restaurants, offices and businesses in mixed-use areas.

Application Process

Businesses meeting the qualifying criteria outlined above are encouraged to complete an application. Requests to participate in the Public Bicycle Rack Program will be subject to an eligibility screening through an application and interview process. All applications received will be initially screened for eligibility against the qualifying criteria.

Applicants will be notified shortly after submission of a completed application. If the application meets the qualifying criteria, City staff will arrange an on-site consultation to evaluate the site area and verify that the qualifying criteria have been met. Once the criteria has been verified, the City of Sacramento will provide the property owner with details such as rack design, rack placement, rack installation, and site logistics in relations to the installation phase.

**UPDATE: We are out of bike parking funding for this fiscal year.  Please check back in July 2019!  Thank you.**