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Car Share Program

Qualified car share operators can now apply for special parking privileges in the City’s right-of-way. Car sharing supports the City’s sustainability goals and is one component of our effort to promote multi-modal transportation options. City Council approved the new program on August 28, 2018.

The program will establish a process to issue parking permits to car share operators that meet specified criteria, such as insurance requirements, vehicle branding, community outreach, and monitoring and reporting. The program will allow two types of car share: car share with dedicated parking spaces, and “free-floating” car share. Permit fees incentivize car share programs with zero-emission vehicles, which expand mobility options while delivering air quality benefits in our neighborhoods.

Car share can provide an alternative to car ownership. Studies have shown that each car share vehicle on the road can eliminate up to eleven personally owned vehicles, reduce congestion, and provide a first-mile/last-mile mobility solution.


Approved for Annual Permits for Parking Privileges in the Right-of-Way

GIG Car Share
238 free-floating electric car share parking permits valid through June 30, 2023

10 dedicated on-street car share parking permits valid through June 30, 2023

Car Share FAQS

How many car share vehicles are expected through this program?
As of April 2019, the City has issued permits for 260 free-floating electric car share vehicles, and sixteen dedicated car share parking spaces to support gasoline car share vehicles, for a total of nearly 270 car share vehicles. By mid-2019, the City anticipates nearly 300 car share vehicles will operate primarily in the right-of-way, including 260 free-floating electric car share vehicles and potentially 20 gasoline vehicles at dedicated parking spaces. The program does not currently establish caps on the number of permits that will be issued. On July 31, 2018, City Council adopted a fee structure for the car share program. These fees help ensure that car share companies only seek permits for the number of cars that will meet anticipated demand. While market demand will determine how many permits are requested, the City will monitor program deployment and work with operators to ensure the fleet operates effectively.
What is the fee structure for car share parking spaces?
Qualified operators will be charged an annual fee ranging from $540 to $1,864 per space, based on the location. Depending on the type of permit, discounts of 25-50% off the base permit fee will be applied for zero-emission vehicles. Permit fees for the program were authorized on July 31, 2018 with Resolution 2018-0313. Car share companies may soon also apply to operate EV chargers at dedicated parking spaces in the right-of-way, pending finalization of a new curbside EV charging program.
What is free-floating car share?
Free-floating car share does not include dedicated parking spaces but instead, allows members to pick-up and drop-off a car share vehicle in any legal parking space within a designated “Home Zone".
Where can free-floating car share vehicles park?
Cars can be parked in any legal space that permits parking for one hour or more in the program “Home Zone,” including metered or time zone spaces that allow parking for one hour or more and are not otherwise restricted. For example, cars cannot park in residential-only permit areas, or during restricted times for City services.
How is the “Home Zone” for free-floating car share established?
Qualified free-floating operators will propose a “Home Zone” based on census tract boundaries that must include 20% by area of low income and disadvantaged communities.
How long can free-floating car share vehicles park in front of my house/business?
Like all motor vehicles, free-floating car share vehicles may park up to 72 hours in any legal parking space in accordance with the California Vehicle Code and Sacramento City Code.
Where will spaces be dedicated for car share?
Qualified operators can request dedicated parking spaces at any metered location or any time zone location that currently allows permit parking for one or more hours. A maximum of two spaces may be dedicated for car share on any block face.
Who can park legally in dedicated car share spaces?
Only the vehicle assigned to the dedicated space by the car share operator may park legally with a valid permit.
What if I don’t want a particular parking space to be dedicated for car share?
Parking spaces proposed for dedicated car share will be posted for 10 days to allow for comments to be collected and considered by the Public Works Director. More information will be available on this website as the program is implemented.
Can car share take up all of the parking on my block?
A maximum of two parking spaces per block face may be dedicated for car share. When considering applications for dedicated spaces, the City will consider the overall impact on parking availability and the needs of existing uses on the block. Free-floating car share vehicles may also park at locations throughout the city, but these vehicles are anticipated to move throughout the day depending on usage and customer demand.
How can the City provide parking permits for car share?
Per California Vehicle Code § 22507.1, the City of Sacramento has the right to designate certain streets or portions of streets for the exclusive or nonexclusive parking privilege of motor vehicles participating in a car share vehicle program. City Council also specifically authorized the Department of Public Works to administer this program and issue car share parking permits on August 28, 2018 with Resolution 2018-0355 (as amended with revised Terms and Conditions in October 2019).
What can the City do if issues arise with car share vehicles that impact the neighborhood?
Immediate issues, such as cars being parked improperly, can be reported to the City’s 311 Center. Car share vehicles are subject to a parking citation if parked outside of authorized parking authority. In addition, the City will work with car share operators to ensure parking permits for dedicated spaces as well as for free-floating car share must be renewed on an annual basis. Public Works will conduct an evaluation prior to the renewal of any car share permits. Also, car share parking permits can be revoked by the City if an operator violates the terms and conditions of the Car Share Framework.
What about the neighborhoods with unrestricted parking?
Car share vehicles are treated the same as any other private vehicle in areas with unrestricted on-street parking.
What about Peer-to-Peer car sharing?
Peer-to-peer car sharing does not meet the criteria established for the Car Share Framework Terms and Conditions. Therefore, it is not eligible for car share parking permits from the City.
How can my company determine if we are eligible and apply?
Please refer to the Car Share Framework Terms and Conditions (update October 2019), which establishes eligibility criteria and general application process. City staff is currently developing application materials. In the meantime, companies can verify eligibility and start preparing required application information identified in the Car Share Framework.
Who administers the City’s car share program?
Resolution 2018-0355 (as amended with revised Terms and Conditions in October 2019) authorizes the Department of Public Works to administer the program. The Transportation Division of Public Works serves as the program lead, working in coordination with Parking Services and other relevant disciplines.
What is the role of Electrify America and how does it support the City’s Car Share program?
Electrify America is committed to investing $44 million in a Green City, “Sac-to-Zero” program for Sacramento, which will include electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure and programs such as EV car share and zero-emission bus and shuttle services. The City Council and Mayor have adopted a City policy committing to support these programs. The City’s role is to permit and facilitate car share in the right-of-way, while Electrify America is funding and supporting the actual car share programs. Electrify America selected two car share vendors to operate car share services in Sacramento: GIG Car Share and Envoy. Any car share vendor, including those supported by Electrify America and any others, will need permits through the City program in order to receive any type of special parking privilege in the right-of-way. 


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*Note: refer to revised terms and conditions as amended in October 2019.


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Principal Planner
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