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Traffic Investigations

The City conducts approximately 1,000 investigations per year to address traffic safety concerns. Each investigation may take up to two to four weeks to complete depending on the complexity of the concern. Some of the areas that may be reviewed include school safety, speeding, crosswalks, stop signs, traffic operations, traffic signals, and traffic signs and markings.

How to Contact Us

Traffic Investigators are assigned by geographical area and are available to take customer inquiries and concerns. If you are unsure of your area please call 916-808-5307 or contact us by email

Commonly Requested Investigations

Below is additional information on traffic investigations typically requested by the community:

Speeding - We'll suggest methods or City programs to slow traffic on your street.
Are you concerned about speeding in your neighborhood? Depending on the situation we can suggest speed limit signs and legends, speed radar boards, police enforcement, or speed humps. Speed radar boards are useful for educating motorists on the posted speed limit and their actual speed. Speed humps are another effective speed control tool. You can get more information about the Speed Hump Program here

Crosswalks - We'll initiate a marked crosswalk review in your neighborhood.
Under the California Vehicle Code, crosswalks exist at all intersections unless otherwise prohibited with signs. Crosswalks may be marked or unmarked. The City typically uses two types of marked crosswalks including standard (two white lines) at controlled locations and triple-four crosswalks at uncontrolled locations. After careful evaluation following the Council adopted Pedestrian Crossing Guidelines, crosswalks may be installed based on pedestrian usage, the need to identify a safe crossing, or to reduce conflicts between pedestrians and vehicular traffic.

Stop Signs - We'll send an investigator out to evaluate for stop signs.
The most requested sign is a STOP sign. We consider traffic volume, collision history, pedestrian traffic, vehicle speed, intersection visibility, land use and adjacent traffic controls. After careful consideration and an engineering study, a STOP sign may be installed to enhance traffic safety.

Signalized Intersections - We'll conduct a signal investigation and report findings.
Wish you had a traffic signal on your route? Do you have a signal modification request? We will conduct an investigation to determine if a new traffic signal is warranted or if an existing traffic signal needs to be modified to address traffic congestion or safety. Learn more about traffic signals.

Traffic Signs and Markings - We'll suggest signs and markings to enhance safety.
Do you think you need a sign to solve your traffic woes? Traffic and pedestrian safety concerns can sometimes be addressed with proper signs or markings. Traffic investigators will collect information from you and research the site to determine if signs or pavement markings can help. Marked crosswalks, bike lane striping and bike route legends may be installed as a result of a traffic investigation. Learn more about signs and markings.