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Street Lighting

Existing Street Lighting Maintenance

The City of Sacramento has over 30,000 streetlights that have been gradually installed over the course of many decades of commercial and residential development.  Most of the street lighting inventory consists of high pressure sodium (HPS) light fixtures with some LED retrofits and new installations that have occurred through capital improvements, maintenance, and infill development.  

  Mast Arm Light   Ornamental (Acorn Top) Light   Post Top Street Light

Requests for repairs to street lights are typically completed by City crews within 30 days.  To report a street light that is out, please dial 311 or report it online.

New Street Lighting Installation

New street light installations are available and are typically funded in one of two ways:  In areas subject to development, property owners and/or developers pay the cost for the installation of the street lighting improvements.  In developed areas without existing street lighting improvements, property owner(s) and/or business groups may pay for the cost to install street lighting improvements.  At this time, the City of Sacramento does not have funding available for the installation of new streetlight systems. 

In areas where property owners, business groups and developers (the applicant) elect to pay for the installation of street lighting improvements, the applicant is responsible for all costs associated with the streetlight system design, materials, and installation or construction. Installation of such improvements requires an Encroachment Permit from the City. The applicant is responsible to obtain an Encroachment Permit and pay the cost associated with the permit.

The street lighting improvements shall meet City Standards and are subject to City inspection. Upon completion of the installation, the City will assume/accept the ownership and subsequently operate and maintain the improvement with a direct levy for ongoing services and energy usage included in the annual property tax bill of the property owners who benefit from the street lighting.

For information on City of Sacramento street light improvement standards, please go to this City link: Forms

For information on encroachment permits, please go to this City link: Engineering Services Permits

Questions may be emailed to the following address:

Mast Arm Street Light