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Street Lighting

Currently the City of Sacramento maintains approximately 40,000 street lights within the city limits. This includes light varieties from the newest street lights installed in North Natomas to the lights in the older parts of the City that were installed over 80 years ago. The majority of lights in the City are High Pressure Sodium (the orange looking lights). Older lights still have the Mercury Vapor lamps (white light) while newer light may use energy efficient light emitting diodes (LED).

City crews will respond to street light complaint calls in 30 days or less. To report a street light that is out, please dial 311 or report it online.

The City of Sacramento has been hit hard by copper wire thefts. In response, all new copper wire installed is stamped with the City of Sacramento name for quick identification. The Streetlight Repair and Copper Wire Restoration Project is on-going. A map of streets with lights out and the expected repair time is provided. The most frequently asked questions and answers has been compiled to provide more information to our customers.