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Copper thefts strip city of streetlights

Relighting the night - banner with drawing of street lights

The Department of Public Works has an urgent and ongoing need to repair the City’s street lighting infrastructure damaged by thieves stripping copper wiring. The reason for the thefts is the rapidly rising cost of copper, which has escalated the scrap price paid out at recycling centers. View a map of streetlight locations which have been impacted by copper theft.

Estimated number of streetlights hit since 2010:
2 1, 9 6 0
Amount spent to date on repair:
$ 1, 8 9 4, 2 5 8 . 6 9
Updated December 2014

Since January of 2010, the department has logged hundreds of areas where streetlights are out due to copper thefts blacking out more than 21,000 streetlights. Blacked out neighborhoods invite more crime, fuel a lack of security and reduce livability.

With the repair wait list stretching out 12 months, the department sought City Council approval on April 10, 2012 to divert $2 million toward hiring more electrical contractors and buying more materials to reduce the wait time for repairs to 90 days or less. For background on the escalation of copper thefts and our response, see these questions and answers.

Report It

Remember to stay vigilant by calling the Sacramento Police Department at 911 if you see a copper theft in progress.

To report a streetlight out that is not on the map linked above, please report it by calling 311 or using the 311 mobile app.

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