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What Is a Smart City?

A Smart City recognizes the opportunity for information and technology as a tool to provide services to all its citizens: including accessibility, affordability, choices, coordination, and efficiency.

As the State Capital of California, Sacramento is the state’s eighth largest city and hub of the 2.2 million region. Drawing on its unique history as the confluence of forces, as both the birthplace of the Gold Rush and transcontinental railroad, Sacramento has also consistently been rated one of the most diverse cities in America. California’s Capitol city is uniquely positioned to test, advance, and use emerging technology to better understand and serve the needs of its citizens.

Smart City News

Brooks Truitt Park and Bill Conlin Youth Sports Complex get FREE Wi-Fi

City of Sacramento partners with Deepen AI and Foresight AI to further autonomous vehicle technology.

City launches free Wi-Fi at Fremont Park

Innovation, technology and humanity took center stage March 9 at "Engineers and Artists" showcase

Electric scooters arrive in Sacramento

City partners with start-ups to improve pedestrian safety, traffic flow

Students Get Hands-On Tech Training Thanks to City's Partnership with Verizon

Sacramento and Phantom Auto Create Safe Testing Environment For Autonomous Vehicles

Stay Informed

Public-Private Partnership

In June 2017, The City of Sacramento established a Public-Private Partnership with Verizon.  This partnership will deliver a safer, more mobile and more sustainable city providing private-sector small cell infrastructure investment, technology and implementation expertise as well as streamlined permitting processes to install this technology efficiently. This development is part of a much broader push by the City to develop policy and streamlined processes to leverage emerging technologies to help provide services more efficiently, meet diverse community needs, and reduce resource consumption.