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Public Wi-Fi and Kiosks

Public Wi-Fi

As a component of the City's public-private partnership with Verizon, Verizon will design, deploy, and manage free high-speed Wi-Fi access point at 27 parks throughout the City of Sacramento. The primary goal of the Wi-Fi solution is to support the City's goals of digital equity and economic development. This solution will assist with bridging the digital divide by providing wireless access that some citizens may not have access to. The 27 parks currently slated to receive Wi-Fi service are:

  1. District 1: North Natomas Regional Park
  2. District 1: Regency Community Park
  3. District 1: Kokomo Park
  4. District 2: Hagginwood Park
  5. District 2: Robla Community Park
  6. District 2: Carl Johnston Park
  7. District 3: William McKinley Park
  8. District 3: Sutter's Landing Regional Park
  9. District 3: South Natomas Community Park
  10. District 3: Glenn Hall Park
  11. District 4: John Fremont Park
  12. District 4: Brooks Truitt Park
  13. District 4: William Land Regional Park
  14. District 4: Southside Park
  15. District 5: Belle Cooledge Community Center Park
  16. District 5: Oak Park Community Center
  17. District 5: C.K. McClatchy Park
  18. District 6: Tahoe Park
  19. District 6: George Sim Park
  20. District 6: Coloma Park
  21. District 7: Garcia Bend Park
  22. District 7: Valley Hi Community Park
  23. District 7: Bill Conlin Youth Sports Complex
  24. District 8: Pannell / Meadowview Community Center Park
  25. District 8: Shasta Community Park
  26. District 8: North Laguna Creek Park
  27. District 8: John Cabrillo Park

Digital Kiosks

Digital kiosks offer the ability to provide constituent engagement and allow citizens to feel more connected and informed in their neighborhood. Each kiosk contains an interactive touchscreen and may be equipped to provide:

  • real-time transit information and public transport maps
  • information from local businesses and events
  • free Wi-Fi
  • emergency services
  • historical information and neighborhood news