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Traffic Safety

Intersection safety analytics (ISA) Solution

Through our Vision Zero Program, the City rejects the notion that traffic crashes are simply “accidents,” but instead preventable incidents that can and must be systematically addressed. As a component of the City's public-private partnership with Verizon, Verizon will implement a camera-based solution at several intersections within Sacramento that will gather data and use that ata to guide implementation of solutions that have a positive impact on motorist, cyclist, and pedestrian safety. The information collected at these intersections, is stored in a managed cloud environment and produces a variety of meaningful analytic reports for use as needed by City planners, engineers, policy makers, enforcement agencies, city administration and citizens. 

Intelligent Traffic Solution

As a component of the City's public-private partnership with Verizon, Verizon will develop and deploy Intelligent Traffic capabilities to address traffic congestion at 12 intersections within the City. This solution will assist with moving traffic seamlessly through intersections. The Smart City SAAS solution will provide technology, data, and value-added analytics to help the City see into traffic infrastructure through the use of sensors communicating wirelessly to software in the cloud.

With the data and analytics, the City can access various metrics such as speed, travel times, vehicle/bicycle counts, and red light violations. By improving the driving experience with fewer stops and better fuel economy, people in our community can spend more time at their destination and less time getting there.