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Water Infrastructure Improvement Program

Installed Meter

Learn about our water main pipeline and meter projects.

Your Partner Accountability Report


The latest Department of Utilities newsletter is now available, which has articles on water efficiency and rebates, storm drainage, and the 3rd Street Sewer Upgrade Project.

Utilities News

City Public Counters are Currently Closed
For assistance with customer accounts, contact Customer Service at 916-808-5454 or email

Payments may be made utilizing the City’s Mobile Pay App, online via the City’s Utility Billing page, automated phone system, or over the phone with a customer service representative.

There is no charge for payments made utilizing these methods.

The Department of Utilities is not shutting off services for non-payment and will waive late fees.

Sacramento drinking water does not contain COVID-19
Here are some frequently asked questions about Sacramento’s water treatment process and COVID-19.

City waives penalties from delinquent utility charges and protects against the discontinuance of City-provided utilities
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, City Council on March 17 adopted a resolution that temporarily waives penalties from delinquent utility charges and protects against the discontinuance of City-provided water, solid waste, wastewater and drainage despite non-payment.

3rd Street Sewer Project
The Department of Utilities is upgrading a portion of its sewer system that will eventually connect the Railyards, a 244-acre development near downtown Sacramento, to the City’s existing sewer system.

McKinley Water Vault "Fill" Phase Begins
The McKinley Water Vault is an underground storage tank that will hold combined storm water and wastewater during large storms when the combined sewer system is full.

The "dig" and "build" phases of the project are complete.

Public Health Goals Report
The City strives to meet Public Health Goals, which are set by the State of California to encourage drinking water providers to provide safe, high-quality drinking water.

The Department of Utilities actively works toward these goals and reports progress to City Council and the public every three years.

Here is the latest Public Health Goals report.

Virtual Tours

Learn about a Sacramento water treatment plant and how water from our rivers is turned into clean and safe drinking water. 

Our storm drainage system is a utility service that protects you, your family and community from flooding during big storms. Learn how our storm drainage system works and how it is critical to the safety of Sacramento.

City Watering Schedule

Spring Watering

Not sure when you can water and when the schedule changes? Learn about our spring/summer and fall/winter watering guidelines.

Water Wise Calls

Water Wise House Call
Schedule a free visit with a water conservation specialist to find the best ways to save water, get tips and tools, and find out if you qualify for rebates!

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