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The Department of Utilities’ Storm Drainage Division supports the operations, maintenance, and repair of the City’s storm drainage system. This system consist of pumping stations, pipes, ditches, channels and levees.

Storm Drainage provides:

  • Safe and reliable collection and conveyance of storm water runoff
  • Prevention of flooding and educational Flood Ready outreach to residents
  • Increased reliability and reduce maintenance costs by upgrading or replacing inadequate or deteriorated systems



The Storm Drainage Collections Team is responsible for above and below-ground assets that keep storm-water runoff flowing away from properties through a series of underground assets, canals, creeks, detention basins and lift stations

This team is also responsible for maintaining the levee on several waterways (including the Sacramento River), responding to hazmat incidents, and maintaining an ecological balance at numerous detention basins. Collections staff conducts regular maintenance/inspection activities in underground drainage pipes to keep them clear of heavy debris and roots.

The USA/Mapping Team provides a free, public service intended to prevent unnecessary damage to underground service lines for all types of utilities; this includes underground electrical, telecommunication, and distribution, collection and transmission lines for water, sewer and storm drain.

As an added service the USA team supports Development and Capital Improvement Projects by conducting walk-through inspection and ensuring the as-built review and GIS mapping process is completed to City standards and specifications.