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Water Pollution and Flood Prevention Measure

To continue protecting clean, local water, the City of Sacramento is considering a potential ballot measure to fund repairs, maintenance and improvements to its aging stormwater system, which protects homes, businesses, local rivers and water sources.

The measure would include an increase in fees paid by industrial, commercial and residential property owners, to:

  • Protect drinking water quality and supplies
  • Keep toxic chemicals, sewage and human waste out of rivers and creeks
  • Prevent sewage and human waste from overflowing onto neighborhood streets
  • Provide safe, clean water for future droughts and emergencies
  • Replace aging and deteriorating pumps that prevent flooding
  • Repair aging water pipelines and infrastructure

All funds raised would be used only for Sacramento’s stormwater system, subject to citizen oversight and public audits.

Visit the Water Pollution and Flood Prevention Measure website.