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Floodplain lands and adjacent waters combine to form a complex, dynamic physical and biological system found nowhere else.  When portions of the floodplains are preserved in their natural state, or restored to it, they provide many benefits to both human and natural systems.

Some are static conditions – such as providing aesthetic pleasure – and some are active processes, such as reducing the number and severity of floods, helping handle stormwater runoff and minimizing non-point water pollution.  

Natural Resource Maps

The City of Sacramento has many natural resources such as:

  • Annual Grassland
  • Riparian Woodland
  • Oak Woodlands
  • Freshwater Marsh
  • Vernal Pools
  • Seasonal Wetlands
American RiverA prime example of a natural floodplain functions in Sacramento is the American River Parkway. American River Parkway provides 23-miles of fishing, boating, guided natural and historic tours, bike paths, and much more.  To learn more about the American River Parkway and their events please visit the American River Parkway Foundation.

American River Parkway Map & Information

Stormwater Quality

Before the Sacramento area was developed, most rainfall fell onto natural areas and the water soaked into the ground. Over the last century, we've changed the landscape dramatically by adding roads and buildings and drainage pipes. Stormwater that once soaked into the ground now flows quickly into street gutters and drains. It is then carried in pipes to our creeks and rivers without treatment. Learn how the Sacramento Stormwater Quality Partnership works to protect our water at Be River Friendly.