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Cockroaches are common across the world and often live close to where humans do, including the many species that call Sacramento home.

Cockroaches prefer dark, damp environments and seek water sources and decaying organic matter to feed on.

They can be found inside and outside of homes, structures, landscaping, pipes, parks and natural spaces and are common because they are adaptable and mobile.

These pests can adversely affect human health through contaminating food, imparting an unpleasant odor and taste, and potentially transmitting disease-causing organisms.

Fortunately, there are safe and effective ways to prevent and control these pests. Here are some useful tips and resources for effective, safe control of cockroaches:

If you apply pesticide near your home, do not spray near stormwater drain inlets. These connect directly to our local creeks and rivers where the pesticides can harm local wildlife and water quality.

For pests associated with your home or other buildings: We recommend that you obtain certified IPM services from businesses participating in IPM Certification programs such as EcoWise Certified and QualityPro, IPM certified professionals rely on detailed knowledge of pest biology to reduce pesticide use while effectively preventing and managing pests in and around your home and business.

A video on outdoor cockroach management tips.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about cockroaches: 

Are there cockroaches in sewer and storm drains systems?

Many outdoor species of cockroach prefer dark, damp environments like crawl spaces, storm drains, floor drains and pipes.

Cockroaches sometimes prefer sewer and drainage pipes because they contain water and decaying matter.

What does the City do when it comes to cockroaches?

The City maintains a schedule of applying pesticides to sewer manholes to help reduce cockroach populations. Manholes are usually located in the middle of right-of-ways, such as streets, but may be in other places; they are usually placed for ease of maintenance access.

What do I do if I see cockroaches near sewer manholes?

If you see cockroaches near manholes, check that the manhole covered is labeled “sewer.”

Call City of Sacramento customer service at 916-808-5011 to report the cockroaches, making sure to have the exact location of the manhole.

Customer service agents are available 24/7 to handle reports of issues with City infrastructure, including issues with pests in and around sewer and/or wastewater systems.

The City will follow up by inspecting the area and/or spraying approved pesticides.

What do I do if there are cockroaches around storm drains?

Storm drains lead directly to local creeks and rivers and it is illegal to spray pesticide near or in them.

Call City of Sacramento customer service at 916-808-5011 to report the cockroaches, making sure to have the exact location of the storm drain.

How do I prevent cockroaches from entering my home or business?

You can prevent cockroaches from entering your home or business by maintaining plumbing fixtures and keeping homes and businesses hygienic.

  • Cockroaches can enter structures through plumbing on the outside, so seal holes and pipes where possible.
  • Make sure that “p-traps” and other indoor plumbing fixtures are well-maintained and regularly used.
  • Flush floor drains every week or so to recharge the trap or upgrade the drain with closable lids or rubber drains.
  • Use environmentally friendly pest management practices to reduce cockroaches outside of the home or in private landscapes.