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Treatment Plant Updates

Your rates are funding important improvements to Sacramento’s original water treatment plant, built in 1923. We’re replacing unreliable parts and increasing capacity. 

All About Your Rates

Learn more about your utility rates, recent rate increases and how your rates are structured.

Highlights & News

YOUR UTILITIES. YOUR VOICE. We are committed to increasing community understanding of our capital improvement challenges and how these challenges affect ongoing rate adjustments.

Have you heard about a project starting in your neighborhood? Check our Project Status dashboard for more info. 


Apr 21 - Who else was out at Earth Fest 🌏 at the Sacramento Zoo today? Read Post

Apr 20 - Did you know that edible gardens and potted plants are exempt from 2 day watering? Water your veggies, potted plants or flowers any day. For info on more ways to water any day, visit 🥕🍅🌼🌱 Read Post

Apr 20 - Underground tunneling from Chavez Park to Jazz Alley was completed this week. To see what else has been happening along the corridor and what’s yet to come, check out the update and map below. As work activities continue, don’t forget all businesses along 9th Street remain open. Visit for additional project information, materials and to watch our informational videos. Read Post