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One of the most important pieces in making Sacramento a healthy and thriving community is a sustainable water utility. Providing safe and quality drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater services to the City of Sacramento is the Department of Utilities’ (DOU) highest priority. Identifying sustainability as a key strategic goal for the DOU is crucial to delivering these services in an environmentally responsible and equitable manner.


Plan for current and future generations by protecting, preserving, and enhancing water resources, the environment, and the community.

 The Department of Utilities has identified 3 targets to address the challenges facing the City of Sacramento:

  1. Become a “carbon neutral” utility by 2045.

  2. Achieve climate resiliency in utility infrastructure and operations.

  3. Advance and prioritize equity and environmental justice in plans, policies and programs.


Holistic sustainability depends on the collaboration between all factors involved in the Department of Utilities being economically, environmentally, and socially successful. To achieve this, we have highlighted 8 areas to focus our efforts: climate change; greenhouse gas emissions; energy efficiency; water conservation; waste management; sustainable infrastructure; diversity, equity, and inclusion; and innovation. Making the DOU a leader in climate mitigation within Sacramento while ensuring the meaningful involvement of all communities will safeguard the reliable distribution and maintenance of all water, wastewater, and stormwater systems.


We are working with the EPA to understand and address climate change risks specifically facing the Department of Utilities and the residents of Sacramento. These include increased vulnerabilities due to drought, flooding, and other extreme weather events that Sacramento’s critical infrastructure experiences due to climate change.


We are conducting a Greenhouse Gas Emissions inventory to quantify and analyze the department’s current carbon emissions. The inventory is calculated annually which will help the DOU assess how to continue to reduce our carbon footprint. The inventory is calculated annually in order for the DOU to assess and reduce our carbon footprint.

Water-Energy Nexus Registry

DOU Water EnergyThe Department of Utilities is a founding member of the Water-Energy Nexus Registry which was recently launched by the California Environmental Protection Agency (CalEPA) and The Climate Registry. The registry helps water agencies and utilities better understand the energy and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with each process in water management and use. As a leader in environmental stewardship, we will utilize the Water-Energy Nexus Registry to become more energy efficient and reduce our carbon footprint. 



  1. Check out the Water Conservation Page to see tips on how to be more water efficient at home and at your business.

  2. Did you know all Sac residents are eligible for a free leak inspection? Call 311 if you suspect a leak or would like advice on improving irrigation and indoor utility fixtures.

  3. Follow the Department of Utilities Facebook Page for events.

  4. Visit our Pollution Solutions Page to keep pollution out of our stormwater.

  5. Get a rain barrel at our annual giveaway or buy one at any time and receive a rebate!

  6. Upgrade your lawn with water efficient, low-maintenance features with river-friendly landscaping.

  7. Avoid clogging pipes and sewer lines by putting fats, oils, and grease in the trash instead of down the drain.


Roshini Das LEED AP BD+C, O+M, CEM
Sustainability Program Manager
(916) 808-6270

Samuel Leu LEED AP BD+C
Sustainability Analyst
(916) 808-6281

For more information on sustainability in Sacramento please visit our Public Works Sustainability Page.