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The Department of Utilities’ Wastewater Division supports the operations, maintenance, and repair of the City’s wastewater system.

This system provides safe and reliable collection and conveyance of wastewater and ensures that the wastewater systems comply with all state and federal regulations.


The Wastewater Collections Team maintain above and below-ground assets in both the Combined and Separated Sewer System.

These assets are connected to the City’s Combined Water Treatment Plant and Sacramento Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant where water is safely treated and discharged to the Sacramento River.

Our dedicated staff clean and inspect underground mainlines of small and large debris to prevent overflow of sewage onto City streets.

As an added precaution Wastewater staff inspect grease capturing devices at every restaurant that receives sewer service from the City of Sacramento.

These inspections prevent commercial food facilities from discharging large volumes of grease into our sewer system.