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Safe, Clean Water

In our rivers or from the tap, many residents in Sacramento are familiar with the need for safe, clean water.

Preventing Water Pollution

Sacramento's stormwater system help to prevent urban pollution from entering major drinking water sources -- the Sacramento and America rivers.

An aging stormwater system

Sacramento’s storm drain system is up to 100 years old and many levees, pipes and pumps are deteriorating rapidly. 

Preventing flood and disaster

Major disasters such as Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans have shown that maintaining aging stormwater systems is essential to preventing significant property damage or loss of life during major floods.

Public health and water supplies

Sacramento’s local system of storm drains, levees, pumps and pipes collect and filter stormwater to protect our rivers and waterways from pollution.

A potential measure

The City of Sacramento is considering a potential ballot measure to fund repairs, maintenance and improvements to its aging stormwater system.