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Water Pollution and Flood Prevention Measure

Water Pollution and Flood Prevention Measure

Property owners in the city of Sacramento have approved a measure that will help fund repairs and improvements to the City’s storm water system.

The measure will help to fund repairs and improvements to its aging stormwater system, which protects homes, businesses, local rivers and water sources.

The measure includes an increase in fees paid by industrial, commercial and residential property owners, to:

  • Protect drinking water quality and supplies
  • Keep toxic chemicals, sewage and human waste out of rivers and creeks
  • Prevent sewage and human waste from overflowing onto neighborhood streets
  • Provide safe, clean water for future droughts and emergencies
  • Replace aging and deteriorating pumps that prevent flooding
  • Repair aging water pipelines and infrastructure

All funds raised would be used only for Sacramento’s stormwater system, subject to citizen oversight and public audits. There has not been a new stormwater system fee since 1996.

Safe, Clean Water

Many residents in Sacramento are familiar with the need for safe, clean water, whether it is in rivers or from the tap.

The continued threat of severe weather serves as an important reminder for the need to prepare for emergencies and protect local, natural water supplies.

The City of Sacramento has an essential role in protecting local water supplies and providing clean drinking water by treating wastewater, managing creeks, streams and stormwater runoff to prevent flooding, and cleaning up trash and pollution. 

Protecting Our Rivers and Preventing Water Pollution

Stormwater runoff can carry sewage and pollution into our waterways. The American and Sacramento rivers run through our city and many neighborhoods, taking water from local creeks, streams and rainfall all the way to the Delta. 

Infrastructure Protects Public Health & Long-Term Water Supply

Sacramento’s local system of storm drains, levees, pumps and pipes collect and filter stormwater to protect our rivers and waterways from pollution.

Keeping these local water sources safe and clean is essential to protect public health and long-term water supplies for our region.

Aging, Deteriorating Stormwater System

Sacramento’s storm drain system is up to 100 years old and many levees, pipes and pumps are deteriorating rapidly.

Without repairs or improvements, many communities are at an increased risk of flooding and polluting our rivers and water sources.

Preventing Floods and Disasters

Major disasters such as Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans have shown that maintaining aging stormwater systems is essential to preventing significant property damage or loss of life during major floods.