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Intro & Team

William Granger

Sac Water Wise Blue Logo

William Granger has been the City of Sacramento Department of Utilities’ Water Conservation Coordinator since early 2013. William identifies as a Navy brat and called over 25 different places his home which is reflected in his geographically diverse work with a variety of water agencies such as the Otay Water District in Southern California, the Santa Clara Valley Water District, and the Marin Municipal Water District over the past 25 years. When he isn’t working, he enjoys the outdoors whether it’s in hiking boots, on a bike, or backpacking; he also recently passed the 10-gallon blood donation mark! 

Water conservation tip: Consider replacing your grass lawn with a waterwise alternative instead. This can reduce your outdoor water use by half, reduce your maintenance, and attract more beneficial insects and birds to your garden.

Favorite Quote: “When the well’s dry, we know the worth of water” – Ben Franklin


William and his wife Soren snowshoeing in the winter of 2020

Vincent Smelser

Vincent is a Water Conservation Specialist. Born and raised in Sacramento, he has been serving our community for over 33 years. He enjoys the local music scene, he is prolific is in his good vibes and fantastic sense of humor.

Favorite Quote: “It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.” - Aristotle

Ryan Geach

Ryan Geach is a Water Conservation Specialist. He is no stranger to Sacramento, in fact, he has been with the City of Sacramento for over 30 years! As a specialist, Ryan is certified in landscape irrigation audits, field applications, and water loss checks. He helps the community understand how to practice water efficiency in their daily activities as well as assessing the water use of homes, businesses, and landscapes all over Sacramento. He prioritizes customer service and finds joy in helping our community find easy and cost-efficient ways to beautify residential landscapes.

With the rest of the team, Ryan ensures the efficient and excellent implementation of the water conservation’s programs and goals.


Laura Cather

Laura Cather is our Customer Service Representative. She was born and raised in Sacramento and has over 15 years in customer service. For Laura, one of the values of the water conservation team is in educating our community about sustainability and water. When she isn’t working, Laura listens to the Anything but Vanilla podcast, enjoys working out, running and hanging out with her dog.

Water Conservation Tip: Don’t forget to follow the City’s watering schedule!



Fernando Salcido

Fernando Salcido is a Water Conservation Representative. Having lived most of his life in the Central Valley, he is new to Sacramento. Fernando is a recent graduate in Earth Science and Geology from UC Santa Cruz. He has over twelve years of experience in working with the general public. He is passionate about water and its integral function as a natural resource, a key factor of the sustainability of our planet, and a vital component of our individual and community health. Outside of the office, Fernando enjoys running along the American River, reading books and connecting with his family and friends.


Alek Crnogorac


Alek Crnogorac is a Water Conservation Specialist who has been with the Department for six years. Previously he was a project manager for a landscape architecture firm in Costa Mesa. Outside of the office, Alek enjoys playing soccer.

Favorite Quote: “It is not the greatest fool who cannot read, but the one who thinks that everything read is the truth” - Ivo Andric, Nobel Prize winner in Literature (1961)


Ryan Nassau

Ryan Nassau is a Water Conservation Representative. He is new to Sacramento and is from Orange County. He received a Geography degree from Cal State Fullerton and has worked for Irvine Ranch Water District and for the City of San Juan Capistrano. As a water conservation representative, he wants to help sustain our natural resources whilst providing positive representation of the City to our community. At the moment, he is focused on leak detection to ensure water efficiency in residential households. Outside of the office, Ryan enjoys cycling, skiing, paddleboarding and eating spicy food. He’s unsure of his horoscope (he thinks he may be a Cancer) but is sure of his baseball loyalties (Go Dodgers!)

Water Conservation Tip: Adjust your irrigation to an appropriate schedule for the season as well as vegetation type.


Lance Eicher

Lance Eicher is a Water Conservation Specialist. He currently administers the Leak Free Sacramento Program and has been a part of the water conservation team for two and a half years.

Lance enlisted for the Marine Corps in 1994 and served as a member of the USMC Security Force Battalion in Naples, Italy. After his enlistment, a friend helped him get a job with a local landscape company as a laborer as someone with “zero” trade experience. However, through the years, Lance learned, the company grew, and he was eventually promoted to Director of Field Operations. After the company closed its doors, he took a management position with Ewing Irrigation and returned to school. He earned a degree in Business Administration with a minor in Human Resource Management. Following, he joined a former employee as Project Manager in 2014 and focused on custom landscape design. In late 2017, Lance was ready for a change and joined the Water Conservation Team. Lance shares, “That was it, I [love] the job, my co-workers, and our mission; so I have been here since then”. He believes that water conservation is an opportunity to give back and help his community. 

Lance draws, paints, and enjoys a diverse range of music. While his wife has 2 cats and 2 dogs, Lance has a dog named Chai (a very good boy). He enjoys cooking (and eating), kayaking and shopping.

Drawing by Lance Eicher         


Lance's Dog, Chai. “He is my favorite, 
and I let all the other animals know it
every day. I mean look at him, so

Maureen Coulson

Maureen Coulson is our Office Administrator. She has been with the City for five years after a 20-year career as an analyst with UC Davis.

Maureen grew up in Southern California and drove to the beach every weekend. Her administrative prowess is a second career pivoting from Hollywood. However, Maureen shares that “[she] soon realized that she didn’t have the hunger necessary to succeed” as a Hollywood Actor. She was in a few sitcoms and some major movies before moving to Sacramento in the early 90’s. Having started at UC Riverside, Maureen completed her undergraduate degree at CSUS Summa Cum Laude.

She admits that in the past, she took water for granted but has since become aware of water’s vital nature. She identifies climate change as a major concern both personally and politically citing drought as a turning point for her personal awareness. She says that’s she’s happy to be part of the solution in addressing the precariousness of our natural resources.

Maureen is “a proud parent of a grown daughter, a grown son and grandmother to a 7 year old grandson (the love of my life)”. Outside of the office, she loves to read, watch movies and go to the theater. She loves to travel and go on cruises, having explored many cities in Europe. Her next cruise is already planned for…Scandinavia (Hej!)

Favorite Quote: “There are three kinds of people, those who know math and those who don't.”

Maureen in Paris