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Business Rebates

Water Wise Rebates to Help Businesses Save Water

The City of Sacramento Department of Utilities offers Water Wise Rebates to eligible commercial business customers within the City of Sacramento to help pay for water saving upgrades. Commercial, industrial, institutional and multi-family applicants are eligible.
To qualify for a rebate:

  • The location of installation must have water service provided by the City of Sacramento.
  • You must agree to a Pre-Installation Survey (Audit). This service is at no direct cost to the customer.



To help businesses and multi-family dwellings reduce their water consumption, the City offers various rebates for indoor and outdoor upgrades.


OUTDOOR REBATES River-Friendly Landscape Rebates

Thirsty lawns require time and expense to maintain. Save time and money by reducing water use. Low-water use plants and drought tolerant landscape can be beautiful and water saving.

Turf Conversion Rebates
Convert your existing turf to a River-Friendly Landscape and receive up to $1.50 per square foot of replaced turf (up to $50,000). If you have an automated irrigation system for your planned conversion area, it must be a high-efficiency irrigation system controlled by EPA WaterSense Labeled Smart Irrigation Controller(s).

Submit the online form or download the Multi-family/Commercial application.

Irrigation Upgrade Rebates
The Sacramento City Department of Utilities offers business customers Irrigation Upgrade Rebates (up to $50,000) including drip irrigation and high-efficiency sprinkler nozzles. Customers applying for the Irrigation Upgrade Rebate may install an EPA WaterSense Labeled Smart Irrigation Controller as part of the project. 
Submit the online form or download  the Multi-family/Commercial application.

Smart Irrigation Controllers
A “smart” or weather-based irrigation controller uses local weather data to tailor watering schedules to actual conditions on the site. Conventional controllers irrigate using a controller with a clock and a preset schedule. EPA WaterSense labeled controllers allow watering schedules to match plants' water needs. To learn more about WaterSense Smart Controllers, visit:
Learn more about how Smart Controllers can help you water more often by watering wisely.
Submit the online form or download the application (all property types).



Saving water saves you money. Reducing your water use is made more affordable with Water Wise Rebates offered by the City of Sacramento.

Re-Do The Loo Program

The City of Sacramento’s Water Conservation Office offers a $250 rebate per toilet to replace older, pre 1992 toilets located within the Disadvantaged Communities in the City of Sacramento. Please note, the program is no longer accepting applications.

You can still take advantage of the standard toilet rebate program! Learn more about the program and submit the online form.

Saving Technologies
A variety of Water Wise Rebates are available to help you install water saving devices at your business, reducing water use and cost. They include:

  • Flusho-meter Style High-Efficiency Toilets or Urinals - up to $250
  • Pre-Rinse Spray Valves - up to $75
  • Plumbing Flow Control Valves - $2.50 each (20 min.)
  • Air-Cooled Ice Machines - up to $300
  • Cooling Tower Controllers - up to $500
  • Connectionless Food Steamers - up to $200 per compartment
  • Dry Vacuum Pumps - $60 per 0.5 HP (up to 2)
  • Laminar Flow Restrictors - $5 each (10 minimum)

New construction is not eligible for a rebate under this program. Download an application  to get started.

Customized Rebate Program
The City also offers up to $50,000 ($.50 per 748 gallons saved) for installing new, water-saving technologies, and for making process improvements that reduce water use or re-use water on site. Download the Customized Rebate Program Requirements and Application.

Program Steps
Follow these simple steps to start saving water and money.

1. Confirm the availability of program funds
The number of rebates is dependent upon the availability of program funds. Call 311 or (916) 264-5011 to confirm that business rebates are currently available.

2. Complete the Application
Complete the Commercial Rebate Application  form for water-saving technologies listed above.
For the Customized Rebate Program Requirements and Application for the customized program.

3. Pre-Installation Survey (Audit)
We will contact you to schedule your required Pre-Installation Survey (Audit). This service is at no direct cost to the customer.

4. Get your rebate
Once the approved work is complete, mail the completed and signed rebate application form within 30-days of purchase date with a copy of the water service bill that identifies the installation address and account number of the location where the purchased product is installed, along with the sales receipt to:

City of Sacramento
Water Conservation Office
5730 24th St., Bldg. 22
Sacramento, CA 95822

All  commercial rebates require a Water Wise Business Call. Please call 311 or (916) 264-5011 to schedule your Water Wise Business Call today!

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