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Re-Do the loo  program

For a limited time, the City of Sacramento’s Water Conservation Office is offering a $250 rebate per toilet to replace older, pre 1992 toilets located within designated disadvantaged communities in the City of Sacramento. Previously, the rebate was only $125 and did not include labor. Free WaterSense showerheads and aerators may also be available.


  • Be a 3+ unit multi-family dwelling located within the Disadvantaged Community in the City of Sacramento.
  • Have older, pre-1992, 3.5 gallon per flush toilets
  • Pay a water bill to the City of Sacramento Department of Utilities
  • Have a pre-inspection. Call the 916-808-5500 to schedule an appointment.
  • Install a MaP Premium toilet. To receive the full rebate amount, the toilet must cost at least $250 or be installed by a licensed plumber (C36), and receipts must list materials and labor separately. MaP Premium toilets: 


  • Fill out online application (Online Application Form)
  • Have a pre-inspection with Water Conservation Office Staff
  • Research toilets that qualify for the rebate
  • Hire a plumber to replace the older, pre-1992 3.5 gallon per flush toilets with MaP Premium toilets or purchase them yourself
  • Pay plumber or contractor in full
  • Contact Water Conservation Office staff at 916-808-5500 for a post-inspection


For questions, please contact Ryan Geach, Water Conservation Specialist.
(916) 808-5500