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The State Water Board recently prohibited commercial, industrial and institutional organizations, as well as homeowners associations statewide from watering certain areas of grass called "non-functional turf.”

Non-functional turf is mowed grass that is ornamental and not otherwise used for human recreation purposes.

The new rules do not affect residential properties.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about the new rules:

Do the regulations apply to sports or event fields?

No. Non-functional turf does not include school fields, sports fields, and areas regularly used for civic or community events.

Does the regulation affect trees?

The regulation does not restrict the watering of trees, just turf.

The Board urges people to continue to water trees, even while reducing or stopping the irrigation of turf.

Does this regulation apply to homeowners associations or apartments?

The regulations only apply to non-functional turf on property the homeowners association owns, not residences.

While an individual’s property is considered residential, property owned and maintained by a homeowners association is considered the same as landscapes owned and maintained by commercial, industrial or institutional entities.

Most apartment buildings are part of the residential sector and therefore not subject to the ban on irrigation of non-functional turf.

However, apartment buildings may also include commercial facilities, such as ground floor businesses or other commercial operations on site, in the same manner as homeowners associations.

What is the City doing to comply with the regulations?

The City of Sacramento is working to identify all areas of non-functional turf that it owns and operates, and expects to fully comply with the new regulations.


People or organizations with questions about how the new regulations affect them can contact