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FOR A LIMITED TIME, while funding is available, we're DOUBLING our Rebates! 
From July 1 to December 31, 2021, City rebates are as follows: 

1.  Turf Conversion - You can receive up to $3 per sf. of turfgrass removed. Single Family customers can receive up to $6,000 and commercial/multi-family customers can receive up to $100,000.

2.  Irrigation Upgrade - Upgrade to drip or rotating nozzles and you can receive up to $800. 

3.  Smart Controller - Completely FREE with an instant rebate if you purchase from the SMUD ENERGY STORE (beginning July 7). 


We are also increasing our Indoor Rebates:

Receive up to $150 per toilet (pre-1992) when replaced with a WaterSense High Efficiency Toilet.
Receive up to $250 per toilet (pre-1992 or pre-2014) when replaced with a MaP Premium High Efficiency Toilet

High Efficiency Washers - Receive $250 per washing machine replaced with a HEW


If you applied for one of our rebates this year (beginning Jan 1) but are in process and haven't quite completed your project yet, you are eligible to receive the increased amount!


As you can imagine, we've had an enormous response to this sale.  Please be patient while we process your application(s).  Thank you!


Water Wise Rebates to Help Residents Save Water

Water conservation upgrades are made easier with Water Wise Rebates from the City of Sacramento Department of Utilities. Water Wise Rebates help you save water while reducing the cost of water conservation upgrades to your home and landscape.

Program Qualifications

  • Rebates are available to City of Sacramento water customers ONLY.
  • Applicants must be property owners, or bill-paying tenants with written consent from the property owner.
  • Rebates and applications are not retroactive.
  • Certain Water Wise Rebates require a pre-qualification visit and approval from Water Conservation Staff before installation. Getting pre-qualified is simple...see specific rebates below for steps to take.
  • All eligible work must be completed within the timeline specified in the rebate terms and conditions.
  • After installation, Water Conservation staff will visit the site and verify as part of post-inspection.
  • Once you have the approval from staff, receipt of checks can take as long as 90 days from the day of approval.

 Outdoor Rebates (river friendly landscape)


Turf Conversion Rebates

The City of Sacramento offers rebates to replace your thirsty front, back and side lawn with beautiful low-water use plants and drought tolerant landscape. Residents can receive up to $1.50 per square foot of replaced turf (up to $3,000).   
Learn more about Turf conversion.  Submit the online form or download the appropriate application (Single-Family, or Multi-family/Commercial).

Irrigation Upgrade Rebates

An Irrigation Efficiency Upgrade incentive is offered to City of Sacramento residents for conversion of sprinkler nozzles and heads to high efficiency sprinkler nozzles (using 0.85 inches per hour or less), for conversion to drip irrigation. Separately, you receive a rebate of up to $400 for replacing your old irrigation timer with an EPA WaterSense Labeled Smart Irrigation Controllers.
Learn more about Irrigation Upgrades.  Submit the online form or download  the appropriate Application (Single-Family or Multi-family/Commercial).

Smart Controller 

Smart Controllers act like a thermostat for your sprinkler system by automatically tailoring watering schedules to actual site conditions. The City offers rebates of up to $400 if you install a weather-based smart controller in your home and upgrade your irrigation system. 

Learn more about Smart ControllersSubmit the online form or download the application (all property types).

Rain Barrel Rebates

The Rain Barrel Rebate conserves water by storing rainwater/run off during rain events for use during dry periods. The amount of water that can be collected from a rooftop depends on several variables: the dimensions of the rooftop, the collection capacity, and the amount/timing of the rain received. Be sure to calculate how much rain barrel storage capacity you will need: 1,000 square feet of roof surface can create around 625 gallons of water for every one inch of rain that falls.
Receive a rebate of up to $150 ($0.75 per gallon captured, up to 200 gallons) to install rain barrels.
Submit the online form or download the application.

Laundry-to-Landscape Rebates

A Laundry‐to‐Landscape Gray water System routes water collected from your washing machine to your landscape. (This water is untreated wastewater and is thus non-potable). This type of gray water system allows for wastewater from your clothes washer to be diverted to your landscape for irrigation.

A rebate of up to $100 is available for the materials needed to install a gray water system that diverts gently-used water from your washing machine and routes it to mulch basins around your trees or bushes. 
Download the application.

Indoor Rebates


High-Efficiency Toilet Rebates 

Replace your older PRE-1992 toilet with a new high-efficiency toilet (1.28 gallons per flush or less) and receive a rebate of up to $125. Older toilets can use four times more water to flush, and are one of the largest water wasters in your home. This rebate requires an inspection BEFORE you remove your old toilet to verify that it will qualify.  To schedule a pre-inspection call 311 or (916) 264-5011. Have multiple toilets to replace? There is no limit to the number of rebates that may be requested. However, rebate funds may not always be available.
Submit the online form or download the application.


High-Efficiency Washing Machine Rebates

The Water Conservation Office, in partnership with CalWEP (California Water Efficiency Partnership) is offering a rebate of up to $125.  

Please confirm that the new washer is identified on the list of approved products. Clothes washers must have a water factor of 3.7 or less.
Click here or call 1-877-231-3625 to confirm eligibility.  Lists are revised periodically.

Submit your application along with your receipt on the CalWEP website.

Email if you have questions.


Re-Do The Loo Program (limited to MULTI-FAMILY customers in the disadvantaged communities of sacramento)

For a limited time, the City of Sacramento’s Water Conservation Office is offering a $250 rebate per toilet to replace older, pre 1992 toilets located within the Disadvantaged Communities in the City of Sacramento. This is for Multi-Family residents ONLY!

Visit the Re-Do the Loo Program to view program details, the map of Disadvantaged Communities and the online application.


customer discounts from SMUD Energy Store

City of Sacramento has partnered with SMUD to offer instant rebates on Water Conservation Items.

Check out the discounts available online at the SMUD ENERGY STORE



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