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Below are some frequently asked questions about the City's irrigation upgrade rebates:

How do I get approval to get started?

Read and fill out the Customer Agreement. Do not proceed with your project until you get approval from the River Friendly Landscape staff.

Do I have to mail the application in?

No, you can email it or submit it online.

Is the program retroactive?


Is Pressure regulation and a filter required for my drip conversion?


Why do I need a filter and pressure regulator for my drip system?

The emitters on a drip irrigation system have very small openings for the water to pass through. A filter prevents sediment from clogging emitters, ensuring that plants will get the correct amount of water. A pressure regulator keeps the irrigation system at the manufacturer’s recommended pressure (usually between 20 and 40 pounds per square inch). Not installing a pressure regulator may cause fittings and lines to fail, creating wasteful breaks and leaks in your system.

How do you define “High Efficiency Sprinkler Nozzles?”

A rotating sprinkler nozzle that replaces a nozzle on a pop up (fixed) spray sprinkler head and has an application rate (precipitation rate) of .85”/hour or less. K-Rain, Hunter, Rainbird and Toro all make a rotating sprinkler nozzle.

Where can I find High-Efficiency Sprinkler Nozzles?

High Efficiency sprinkler nozzles are sold at hardware stores such as Home Depot, Lowes, at irrigation supply stores such as Ewing, Horizon, Imperial Sprinkler Supply, Site One, and are also found at some plant nurseries such as Green Acres. They are also available on-line from different vendors including Amazon.

Can I participate in the turf conversion rebate, as well as in the irrigation upgrade program?

Yes, but you cannot get an irrigation upgrade rebate for installing drip irrigation as part of your turf conversion project. The turf conversion rebate includes funding for drip irrigation.

What else could be covered in this program?

Adding and relocating sprinklers to improve the irrigation efficiency (head-to-head coverage of the irrigation system, where the water from a sprinkler reaches the adjacent sprinkler heads. This is the ideal in designing overhead spray systems for turfgrass and other groundcovers.

Does the rebate include labor?

Yes, but only if done by a licensed landscape contractor in the state of California (C27) or a general contractor.

I am using a contractor, are there special receipt requirements?

Yes there are; please contact River Friendly Landscape Staff and we will send you a packet of information for you to pass on to your contractor outlining the River Friendly Landscape Program’s receipt requirements.

What is not covered?

Installing gear rotors, replacing irrigation valves that are not leaking, or drip irrigation installed as part of a turf rebate.

Am I required to install a Smart Irrigation Controller?

 Not currently, but it is a great idea.

Why are gear rotors not included?

We do not fund conversion from gear rotors or impact rotors because gear-driven or impact rotors already have a low precipitation rate due to the size of the area they are covering. Gear-driven rotors are used for bigger areas where spray heads are not suitable. In most cases, it is not possible to replace spray heads with gear-driven rotors without irrigation system redesign or compromising head-to-head irrigation efficiency. Gear-driven and impact rotors are not currently designed to irrigate areas less than 16’ wide.

If I have a strip of landscape of less than 8 feet, can get a rebate for install HE sprinkler nozzles?

No, as you will have runoff and rotating sprinkler nozzles are not currently designed to irrigate areas less than 8’ wide. You can get a rebate to install subsurface drip irrigation to irrigate that narrow landscape.

Do you pay the contractor mark up, if I hire someone to purchase and install my new drip system or convert my fixed spray heads to rotating sprinkler nozzles?

Yes, up to 25% maximum from the lowest retail price.

If I do not have an irrigation system at all, can I get a rebate to install a new irrigation efficient system?


What do I have to do to ask for an extension?

If you need more time to wrap up your project, reach out to the individual Water Conservation Specialist working with you but also to Typically, we will provide you an extension of another one to three months, but it is entirely subject to available funds. Please reach out before the end of your 120 days.