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rain Barrel rebaTES

The City's Department of Utilities offers rebates for rain barrels, which can help conserve water by storing rainwater runoff for use during dry periods.

Residents who receive City of Sacramento water service and are the property owner or bill-paying tenants who have written consent from the property owner can apply.

Eligible customers can receive $0.75 for each gallon of storage capacity for rain barrels up to $150.


  1. Submit an online application here or download an application and email it to

  2. Wait for approval from water conservation staff

  3. Complete your rain barrel project

  4. Submit receipts and photos of the completed project within 120 days after project approval 

  5. Schedule a post-inspection from water conservation staff

  6. Receive your rebate check


For questions about this program, call 916-808-5605 or email

To be eligible for rebates, rain barrels must: be above‐ground units connected to a gutter downspout, designed for the intended purpose of rain capture; be placed on a solid and level foundation for stability; be covered to prevent mosquitoes, rodents, and debris from entering your stored water; be mounted in a way that it can receive water unimpeded from a rain gutter; be out of the way of walkways or pathways and be used to irrigate your landscape.