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Leak-Free Sacramento 

Due to limited available funding, applicants may be added to a wait list. We will communicate updates as they occur to those on the wait list.

The Leak Free Sacramento program assists eligible low-income and single family residential home owners make water efficient repairs for free. The goal of the program is to promote leak awareness, water efficiency and energy efficiency, improve the overall community, and help those in need with water and energy costs.

Eligible City of Sacramento homeowners can sign up for one free contractor house call to repair indoor and outdoor leaks.

Program Highlights

  • Funding includes leak repairs and installation of water efficient fixtures both inside and outside of the home - with no charge to the resident when using Leak-Free Sacramento contracted plumbers.

  • Serves Sacramento low income and single-family homeowners living in homes located in disadvantaged communities and are City of Sacramento Department of Utilities customers.

  • Residents can contact Leak-Free Sacramento staff by calling the information line 916-808-5605 or sending an email to

  • The program may reduce an eligible customer’s water bill, and save future water and energy costs. 


  • Live within a Disadvantage Area Community (See map link under “Documents” below).
  • Single-family residential homeowners that are Utilities customers.
  • Is an income-eligible or current participant of Sacramento Utility Rate Assistance program (SURA). Customer can verify eligibility by enrolling in the SURA program.
  • Show irregular water usage, need leak detection and repair or replacement services.
  • Applicants are considered homeowners and eligible for this program if they:
    • Own both the home and the land on which the home rests (Mobile homes renting land are an example of homes not eligible for assistance).  
    • Are the permanent resident in the home for which plumbing assistance is needed and the City of Sacramento utility bill is in their name. 

Other Considerations

  • Plumbing assistance will not be rendered if such assistance will result in hazardous environmental conditions or allow an existing hazardous environmental condition to continue. If a hazardous environmental condition is found, such as mold, asbestos, or lead, it must be abated per the applicable regulations.
  • The home must be habitable and safe for occupation to be eligible for services. Examples of circumstances that would make a home not eligible include areas open to the outside, lack of complete roofing, floors that are too unstable for toilets to be seated properly or a home settled from its original support structure in a way that makes work on it unsafe. If the City contracted plumber notes concern regarding structural stability or general safety of the home, it will be assessed by the DOU Water Conservation staff and referred to City of Sacramento Code Compliance as needed.


  • Complete an application:
    • See the section below entitled “Documents” and click on the link for the customer application.  Please contact Leak-Free Sacramento staff if you would like an application mailed to you. Complete the application as instructed with your supporting information and submit to or mail it to:

City of Sacramento Department of Utilities
Water Conservation Office
5730 24th Street, Building 22
Sacramento, CA, 95822

  • Upon approval of eligibility by Leak-Free Sacramento staff, a confirmation number will be provided.

  • A Leak-Free Sacramento contracted plumber will contact approved applicants with the confirmation number to schedule a pre-inspection. The contracted plumber will visit to investigate, repair or replace the leaking fixtures.

  • Leak-Free Sacramento is a service that is no charge to the customer. The Leak-Free Sacramento contracted plumbers will not ask for payment at any time. 



For questions, please contact us.
Information Line: (916) 808-5605