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Water Meters 


The City’s Department of Utilities since 2005 has installed more than 143,000 water meters, which can help customers track their water use and provide a more accurate water bill.

Water meters are part of a larger statewide effort to protect California’s water supply.

Below are several resources for City water customers:


The City of Sacramento in 2005 began one of its most significant capital improvement projects, the installation of water meters throughout the City.

At that time, only 20 percent of the City’s water service connections were metered, so significant work was needed in order to meet state mandate by 2025.

Work began in 2017 to accelerate the City’s water meter program in order to be fully metered ahead of the state mandate.

In addition to the water meter installations, the City has also addressed aging infrastructure and many project areas also included additional improvements, such as relocating backyard water main pipelines to the street and replacing older mains located within the street.

The state mandate does not provide funding to help offset costs for these improvements.

Despite these challenges, the City has made steady progress over the past several years toward installing meters, as well as securing funding through rate increases, grants and bond sales to help accelerate the program and minimize the financial burden on customers.

The project is 99 percent complete and expected to be completed in 2022.

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General questions can be directed to and 916-808-5870.

Questions about utility bills can be directed to the City's Department of Utilities.