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Your utility bill provides important information about how much water you use and it can help you prepare for the transition to metered rates.

Once a meter is installed, you will receive one calendar year of comparative billing data on your Utility Service Bill. This comparative bill will demonstrate how your current flat rate compares to what you would have paid on a metered rate. During this period, you are responsible for paying the flat rate only, but will be able to also see the impact metered water rates will have on your bill.

On a metered rate, you will pay a monthly service fee based on the size of your water meter and a charge for the amount of water you actually use (volumetric rate). Compared to the current flat rate system, metered water bills are typically higher in the summer and lower in the winter. When reviewed over the course of the year, the majority of households on a metered rate find that metered bills are the same as—or less than—flat rate bills.

Reviewing the comparison data on your utility bill each month will help you understand how much water you are using and can save by using water more efficiently. Water meters can also help you detect leaks and stop waste.

Customer Service Cell Center Manager Drew explains how to read your new water bill.

Free Services to Help You Use Less Water

The City of Sacramento offers a number of free services to help you use water more efficiently, which may help you save money on a metered rate. Learn more about Water Wise House Calls and rebates for replacing older toilets and clothes washers with high-efficiency models by visiting Water Conservation, or dialing 311 or (916) 264-5011.