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 The City of Sacramento, Department of Utilities is installing water meters on existing water services throughout the City, as mandated by California law. In accordance with state law and City Code, a meter will be installed at the point of service (typically at the property line) for each water service connection. However, your development may request water meters to be installed within the private water distribution system to serve separately owned units.

Prior to the installation, two meter installation options were proposed to each Townhomes and Condominium’s respective HOA. These two options were:

  1. Install a water meter at each of the development's water service connection to the City's distribution, or

  2. Install water meters within the development's private water distribution system to serve separately owned units. This option is only feasible if the development is able to satisfy conditions such as installing pipeline improvements and conveying easements to the City.

For additional information, please read:

Project Introduction Letter


As with all construction projects, there will be some dust and noise. Contractors will work to minimize impacts and coordinate with residents to ensure that they maintain access to their homes. At the time of connection, there will be a temporary water shut down for up to 4 hours. Typical work hours are Monday-Friday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., and weekends as needed.


Two inch and smaller meters are typically installed in a rectangular meter box flush with the existing grade. Meters greater than two inches are installed above ground wherever possible to improve maintenance access and to decrease traffic disruption.

For additional information, please read:

Consumption monitoring

Following meter installations, comparative billing will begin. Comparative billing shows the amount due (flat rate, no change) as well as the metered rate based on usage. After 12 months of comparative billing, metered billing will begin.

However, comparative billing, as described above, is not available for water services that will be billed for the first time as a result of water meter installations. Instead, the HOA will receive quarterly emails that contain a spreadsheet with their monthly water meter usage by water meter. During this period, the HOA will not be billed a new flat rate nor a metered rate. However, any existing flat rate bills will continue to be billed as is for this 12-month period. After 12 months, metered billing will commence.

For additional information, please read: