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The City's Department of Utilities soon will be improving many of its groundwater well sites, which provide drinking water to residents in Sacramento.

Groundwater wells act like underground reservoirs that can re-fill during periods of rain.

The improvements will increase the number of water sources the City uses to produce drinking water, which can help reduce dependence on surface water sources, like rivers, and improve resiliency to drought conditions.

To install project equipment at some sites, the City will work with property owners to access areas next to or on private property. Work is being done to to limit disruptions to businesses and customers, including accessing properties, parking and visual impacts.

The City is improving groundwater well sites near the following streets:

  • West El Camino Ave. and Northgate Blvd.
  • Northgate Blvd. South of Rio Terra Ave.
  • Rio Terra Ave. and Northgate Blvd.
  • Center Pkwy. and Valley Hi Dr.
  • Evergreen St. and Arden Way
  • Arden Way and Blumenfeld Dr.
  • Juliesse Ave. and Del Paso Blvd.
  • Norwood Fairbanks avenues
  • High St. and Los Robles Blvd.
  • Grand Ave. and Rio Linda Blvd.
  • Pell Dr. and Main Ave.
  • Del Paso and Los Robles boulevards
  • Marysville and Raley boulevards
  • Expo Pkwy. and North Sacramento Fwy.
  • Rio Linda and Alamos avenues
  • Del Paso and Arcade boulevards
  • Rio Linda Blvd. and Main Ave.
  • Grand Ave. and Winters St.
  • Tribute Rd. and Exposition Blvd.
  • Challenge Way and Exposition Blvd.

Project Cost

The estimated total project cost is $4,290,000.


Construction is expected to last from Fall 2021 to mid-2022.


Colleen Karbowski, PE
Project Manager
Department of Utilities