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City of Sacramento PresentS: Water Discovery Day!

Come learn about different facets of water in our community – drinking water, wastewater, stormwater and drainage.


8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Sacramento River Water Treatment Plant
301 Water Street, Sacramento, CA 95811

Water Discovery Day


Registration is required, so reserve your spot today to attend this free event:

Have you ever wondered how water from our rivers gets turned into clean, safe, great-tasting drinking water that is delivered to your home or business? Come find out by joining your friends, family and community on guided tours of the water treatment plant. The tours and interactive booths will help the community understand how the City of Sacramento’s Department of Utilities produces more than 100 million gallons of water daily and invests millions of dollars to ensure safe and reliable supplies of water by upgrading pipes, technology and treatment plants. Get a chance to see modern water infrastructure, as well as the original water treatment structures from 1921. Guided tours begin twice an hour at every half hour.

Discover how water gets to your faucet, how water meters work, how we keep drains clear, how our drainage system works and learn about the vast 1,700 miles of water pipe systems in the Sacramento community. Gain insight on how we fix leaks through a hands-on demonstration, how we maintain our water infrastructure, how to keep your pipes from clogging due to fats, oils and greases, and learn about the best ways to keep our waterways clean. 

Along with free tours, attendees will be able to view and sample the water coming from the plant in free reusable water bottles that can be taken home. Visitors will also be able to see and participate in what our chemists test for when inside the laboratory. Come see all the different things the treatment plant does in order to make our water safe to drink and use.

There will be a presentation on our “River Friendly Landscape” program which assists customers with paying for water efficient irrigation upgrades, smart controllers, and turf conversion projects. The Department of Utilities will also be giving away other great items, including shower timers, to help you be water wise.

We will also be conducting training sessions to teach Sacramento residents how to check the amount of water being used through our “My Water Customer Web Portal.” Residents can see their hourly water use and set up their own leak notification to ensure water is not being wasted.

Come out and attend this interactive event to learn about what is being done to ensure that you have safe drinking water delivered to your home every day. Registration is required, click here to sign up!

Have questions? Simply call the Department of Utilities Public Affairs Team at 916-808-5594 or email