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With the County of Sacramento stay-at-home order issued over 50 days ago, the Department of Utilities is concerned about harmful bacteria that can grow in standing water leftover in pipes of vacant building. These bacteria can potentially become a health risk when residents or owners return to their businesses. To avoid exposure, it is important that anyone returning to a vacant building flush their pipes thoroughly.

Residents and business owners can follow the instructions from the American Water Works Association Notice on Returning Unoccupied Buildings to Service and the Centers for Disease Control’s Guidance for Building Water Systems to make sure their water systems are properly flushed.

Your Partner

The City of Sacramento Department of Utilities is your partner with over 400 employees working hard every day to ensure you have safe, high quality drinking water and reliable wastewater and storm drainage services. These are your utilities. 

As your partner, our work helps ensure the safety and reliability of your utilities – today and for decades to come. And, part of our commitment to you includes more frequent and easy-to-access information about your water quality. 


Drinking Water Quality Data

This is a one-stop data portal for the City’s drinking water quality data. Our information is frequently updated by the experts at the Department of Utilities. 

Your primary water source is surface water that comes from the Sacramento or American rivers. You may also receive groundwater – your secondary water source. We treat every drop of water before it’s delivered to you and operate under strict federal and state drinking water quality testing requirements.  

As your partner, we want to share as much information with you as possible. This new drinking water quality data portal shows you the full list of substances that are tested to ensure your drinking water’s safety. It’s one of the first of its kind in the United States. We hope you find it useful.

Once you click on the data portal, hover over hyperlinks and information buttons to learn more about the reported data and related terminology. See the contact us page if you have questions.


Data Portal


Our goal is to provide you with detailed information about your utilities – how we manage them, how your utilities work and what it costs to manage them. We use our website and accountability reports to keep you informed. Learn more about how we are always working to serve you 24/7:


Consumer Confidence Report


We are the guardians of your drinking water quality. Each year, we produce our annual and mandatory Consumer Confidence Report which provides detailed data and information about your water quality. It provides information about where your water comes from and how we treat it to meet or exceed federal and state water quality standards. 


Consumer Confidence Report


Partner Report


Our quarterly Partner Report takes our accountability a step further. This report shows how we are always working to provide you and your family with the best water, wastewater and storm drainage services. 


Partner REPORT


Public Health Goals

The City strives to meet Public Health Goals, which are set by the State of California to encourage drinking water providers to do the best they can to provide safe, high-quality drinking water. We actively work toward these goals and report progress to the City Council and the public every three years.


Public health goals REPORT