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City of Sacramento park Wi-Fi

Joyful Dog Jumping in Park

Enjoy Free Wi-Fi at 27 Sacramento Parks

The City of Sacramento is excited to provide FREE Wi-Fi access to 27 parks throughout the City. View a complete list of the parks and their activation timelines.

City of Sacramento Parks Wi-Fi Splash PageCONNECTING TO "CITY-PARK-FREE-WIFI"

  1. Open your device’s settings and select “Wi-Fi”
  2. Select the CITY-PARK-FREE-WIFI network from the list of available networks
  3. On the Wi-Fi splash page (shown to the right), click to accept the Terms & Conditions


Wi-Fi access to City Parks will be available during standard park operating hours: sunrise to sunset. 

Terms & Conditions for Public Wi-Fi Usage

This resource is provided as is. It is the responsibility of each user, not the City of Sacramento, to protect their computer against any potential abuse such as viruses, malware, and breach of privacy. The City of Sacramento assumes no responsibility for any direct or indirect damages arising from the use of its connection to the Internet. It is the patron's responsibility to ensure that their equipment is functioning and properly configured. The City of Sacramento will provide written instructions on how to connect to this network, however, staff cannot provide any technical help with configuring user equipment. Because this is a shared resource, the speed of your connection may vary depending on, but not limited to, factors such as your distance from the access point, the number of users currently connected, the status of your own equipment, etc. It is prohibited to use the City of Sacramento's public wireless network for illegal, actionable, or criminal purposes or to seek access into unauthorized areas. Infringement of copyright is prohibited. In order to protect its network and users, the City of Sacramento reserves the right to terminate a connection at any time without further notice. In extreme cases, the City of Sacramento may withdraw, at any time and without further notice, all wireless services. To access the Internet, you must agree to this notice. If you do not agree simply disconnect from this wireless network.