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Webinar Series: Resilience, Repurpose, Recovery  

In an effort to support local businesses as they navigate the COVID-19 outbreak and its economic repercussions, the City of Sacramento’s Office of Innovation and Economic Development has launched a video webinar series.

Upcoming Webinars 

Upcoming webinars will be posted here soon. Watch previous webinars below. Submit topic ideas or questions to Darin Gale at



Sacramento's Financial Empowerment Center

September 16, 2020

FEC Video Thumbnail


Entrepreneurs Guide to Contracting with Local Government

September 2, 2020

Entrepreneurs Guide to Contracting with Local Government 


Live with Dr. Beilenson, Sacramento County Health Director

August 26, 2020

Live with Dr. Beilenson


Business and Employer COVID-19 Update

August 12, 2020


Tenant-Landlord Free Meditation Services

July 29, 2020


Cyber Security in the Age of COVID

July 22, 2020

In this webinar you will learn about :
- Cyber Security and its significance
- How to secure your business from cyber attacks
- Careers opportunities in Cyber Security 


Metro Chamber Tuesdays at 2 Forgivable Loan Discussion

July 7, 2020

Leslie Fritzsche, Economic Investment Manager for the City of Sacramento, discussed the new Small Business Recovery Program, which will provide up to $25,000 in forgivable loans and technical assistance to businesses located in the City of Sacramento that have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.  


Scaling up the Capitol Region's Growth Companies- Economic Gardening 2.0 

July 1, 2020

The City of Sacramento is engaged in several strategic capacity building efforts as an investment in the success and sustainability of local companies. On November of 2019, the City partnered with the National Center for Economic Gardening (NCEG) to launch Economic Gardening 2.0.  Economic Gardening 2.0 is a two-phased program designed to provide sophisticated, tailor-made technical assistance to local, second-stage companies poised for growth in Sacramento. This inaugural Cohort Class of 2020 will share testimonies and secrets to some of their successes and failures. Testimonies from successful businesses have always served as great examples for other businesses to learn from, the journey is not easy but resilience is key. On Wednesday, July 1st  you will hear from our 2020 Cohorts; their testimonies on how the program has assisted them and how they have pivoted operations and remained resilient through this Covid-19 crisis.


Programa de Préstamos Perdonables Para Pequeñas Empresas

June 25, 2020

El Programa de Recuperación de Pequeñas Empresas proporcionará hasta $ 25,000 en préstamos perdonables y asistencia técnica a empresas ubicadas en la Ciudad de Sacramento para ayudar financieramente a empresas locales que han sido afectadas por la pandemia COVID-19. El programa de préstamos perdonables tiene como objetivo garantizar una distribución equitativa en toda la ciudad de Sacramento para ayudar a las empresas locales que se han visto afectadas por la pandemia de COVID-19. 


City of Sacramento Small Business Forgivable Loan Program

June 24, 2020

The Small Business Recovery Program will provide up to $25,000 in forgivable loans and technical assistance to businesses located in the City of Sacramento to financially assist local businesses that have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The forgivable loan program aims to ensure an equitable distribution throughout the City of Sacramento to assist local businesses that have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Starting Down the Path of Recovery

June 17, 2020

As companies gradually move into the recovery phase it is apparent that it’s no longer a business-as-usual environment. Challenges imposed by the pandemic are far from over and there are several key issues that business leaders should be thinking about. This is the time to put forth a contingency plan to protect resources, minimize customer inconvenience and create a better outcome post-disaster. 


Restaurants, Cafes and Coffee Shops: How to Apply for The Farm to Fork Al Fresco Dining Program and Grant

June 11, 2020 

To mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on Sacramento restaurants and their employees, the City of Sacramento will assist restaurants in temporarily adding to or expanding their outside dining options to accommodate Sacramento County’s public health order. Learn about the program details and how to apply for the grant opportunity of up to $3,000 per participating restaurant for reimbursement related to expenses such as barricade, outdoor lighting and dining furniture.


COVID-19: Your Restaurant is Open, What's Next?

May 27, 2020

For any restaurant to open, necessary requirements and guidelines should be in place. Restaurateurs need to be prepared for inspections and prevention plans. This week’s webinar is designed to assist restaurant owners with the necessary protocols to ensure the safety of guest as well as employees while remaining in compliance.


Life After COVID-19 Re-Engaging Your Workforce & New Regulations to Consider as an Employer

May 20, 2020

Before reopening any physical workplace, of paramount concern to employers will be reducing workplace risks for employees and other individuals who may be exposed to COVID-19 as a result of onsite operations of a business. This webinar will address employment regulations to be aware of when reopening your business during this pandemic while highlighting OSHA/CDC guidelines as well as stressing the importance of Strong Communication with your employees during this time.


Navigating COVID-19 Workforce Response Services at Sacramento's Job Centers 

May 13, 2020


This workforce-focused webinar helps displaced workers and unemployed job seekers learn about current services and resources available to them to cope with and rebound from the damages of the COVID-19 crisis to Sacramento’s local economy. Guest speakers include representatives from SETA, Greater Sacramento Urban League and La Familia Counseling and Career Center. View the webinar slides


Keeping Your Business Relevant During the Crisis

May 24, 2020

As a business, it’s crucial during these times to get creative and brainstorm different ways you can still stay relevant and deliver your services or products. It’s important to consider not only how to survive as a business during the outbreak, but also to have a strategy in place for what’s going to happen afterward. Now is the time to strategize for different scenarios and take every possibility into account. 

Marketing Resources


Resources for Furloughed and Laid Off Workers

April 23, 2020


Storefront Safety 

April 23, 2020


Hear from experts on how to keep your business, property and employees safe during the COVID-19 outbreak. As commercial corridors have emptied out, districts have a heightened concern for an increase in break-ins and crime. Panelists provide tips and best practices to help guide and answer questions in response from neighborhood districts, center cities and downtowns to ensure safety and security for you and your employees in uncharted times.


Temporary Moratorium on Commercial Evictions

April 14, 2020


Learn more the City’s Commercial Tenant Eviction Moratorium. For more information on the moratorium, please visit:

Vea las diapositivas del seminario web en español


Stay tuned for more videos.