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Video Update

In our effort to learn and be transparent, this week we are posting data we requested from the Sacramento Police Department about the W/X safe ground sites.


Click here to see the data and read my full statement.

Housing Survey

Lately, you may have heard the Mayor and others talking about a “Right to Housing.” As we move forward, we want to hear from you. What are your housing concerns, and what does a “Right to Housing” mean to you?

Please take a moment and fill out the survey.

2040 General Plan

Exciting things are on the horizon for Sacramento! If you're curious about the City's plans for the next 20 years, we invite you to peruse the 2040 General Plan! It's full of information on Sacramento's plans regarding climate action, mobility, transportation, housing, and much, much more. Give it a look!

City Services


The fastest way to request services such as garbage pickup, traffic or parking issues, urban forestry, etc. is to file a case with 311. This streamlined service connects you directly to the department best suited to help with your issue!

For assistance with traffic issues, contact Traffic Investigator Eric Poon

For issues regarding Slow and Active Streets, contact Senior Planner Jennifer Donlon Wyant

For issues regarding homelessness and encampments, contact Director of Community Response Bridgette Dean

Click here to download a copy of the citywide department playbook, a handy guide that outlines all of the departments in the City and the best ways to contact them!

Resources for Afghans Seeking Refuge

With the recent US withdrawal from Afghanistan, we are anticipating a large amount of new Afghan arrivals in Sacramento. If you would like to help out, here are some great places to get started.

Opening Doors

World Relief

Norcal Resist

If you are Afghan and SEEKING REFUGE, here is a list of refugee/immigration forms and updates available on Rep. Doris Matsui's website



Currently, the largest challenge facing Sacramento is homelessness. District 4 has responded by opening a fully staffed Safe Ground site for tent camping along with safe parking at WX, as well as another Safe Parking site nearby at Miller Park. These sites are certainly a tremendous step in the right direction, but we are looking for other sites as well to accommodate the significant demand for these kinds of services. The City of Sacramento recently voted to move forward on a Comprehensive Siting Plan, which charges each district in the City with identifying sites that can be used for safe shelter or transitional housing. Read more

Looking to make a public comment at the next City Council meeting? We're moving away from phone call-ins to Zoom participation. Read more

Due to extreme drought conditions in California, the City is asking Sacramento residents to cut their water usage by 15%. Read more

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Air Quality Index

Please make sure to check the AQI before leaving the house during fire season! Anything above 100 can be harmful to people in sensitive groups, and 150+ is harmful to most people. Also please remember that the use of leaf blowers is prohibited when the AQI is 101 or above.

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