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Keep trees healthy

During dry times, sprinklers may not water trees deeply enough. Learn how to keep trees healthy during the drought.

Fix leaks to save water

Household leaks can waste up to 10,000 gallons of water per year, the equivalent of 270 loads of laundry. Learn how to easily fix leaks.

Development Impact Fees Adjustments

Development impact fees help fund utilities infrastructure for new development in the city of Sacramento. Learn more about the proposed fee adjustments.

Utilities News

This July 22 'garden showcase' event will increase your water wisdom

Learn how City drinking water meets or exceeds regulation in this new report

Learn how to keep your trees healthy at this June 24 workshop

City's Department of Utilities soon will be performing critical infrastructure maintenance in these areas

How this May 6 ' Mulch Mayhem' event could help you improve your landscape

These six areas are part of the latest round of flood-control system maintenance

Mulch giveaway event now open to landscape contractors. Here's when

This March 12 webinar could help you find and repair leaks in and around your home

Pravani Vandeyar becomes the first woman of color to lead the City's Department of Utilities

The City's watering schedule changes March 1. Here's what you should know

Rebates for Water Conservation

Customer can save money with water conservation rebates, including landscaping, irrigation, toilet and fixture upgrades.

Get free help

Water Wise House Call

Schedule a free call with a water conservation specialist to get help with saving water, leaks and rebates.