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The City of Sacramento is located in the heart of California’s Central Valley at the confluence of the Sacramento and American rivers. The City is traversed by several stream systems and is at risk to both riverine flooding and localized stormwater flooding. In the City of Sacramento, much of the flood damage occurs in the floodplains of the Sacramento River and the American River.

Six small tributaries of the Sacramento River pass through and provide drainage for the City of Sacramento. These tributaries are Dry Creek, Magpie Creek, and Arcade Creek in the northern portion of the city (north of the American River), and Morrison Creek, Elder Creek, Florin Creek, Unionhouse Creek, and Laguna Creek in the southern portion of the city (south of the American River).   

The City, like other urban areas, faces risks to life and property from many natural and man-made hazards, including: fire, earthquake, terrorism, toxic spills, wind, drought, wildfire, and flood. Most notably, of all these risks, flooding poses the greatest threat to the residents of Sacramento.

Floodplain Hotline: (916) 808-5061

Your property may be subject to flooding. You can call the City’s flood information hotline, (916) 808-5061, or email us at for details specific to your property. Information such as your current flood zone, local floodplains, and basic flood preparedness tips can be provided. Call 311 to report flooding.

Living by a Levee

The majority of Sacramento is protected by dams and levees. While these dams and levees provide us with excellent protection, they are still subject to failure and any property in the City remains at risk of flooding.

Tips for living near a levee:

  • Call 311 to report water seepage or suspicious activities along the levees. Increased community awareness and quicker response time is critical during flood events.
  • Do not dig, plant or build at the base of a levee.
  • During a flood event, pay close attention to your evacuation route.

Repetitive FloodingRepetitive Flooding

There are areas throughout the City of Sacramento that may be subject to higher incidence of flooding. These issues are mainly due to drainage during heavy storms. If you have had repetitive flooding at your home consider some permanent flood protection measures:

  • Consider elevating your house above flood levels.
  • Check your building for water entry points. These can be protected with low walls or temporary shields.
  • Install a floor drain plug, standpipe, overhead sewer, or sewer backup valve to prevent sewer backup or flooding.
  • If you are interested in elevating/floodproofing your building above the flood level, we may be able to apply for a federal grant to cover the cost.
  • Call the flood information hotline, (916) 808-5061, to request a site visit to discuss protection measures for your property.