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Entertainment Permits

The City of Sacramento encourages the development of arts and culture in order to provide rich and diverse cultural experiences for the City's residents and its visitors. For venues that provide ongoing entertainment, they are required to obtain a two-year entertainment permit.

The permit evaluates the conditions necessary for a venue to provide entertainment (live music, DJ, etc.) During the permit process, staff will inspect the venue for state and city building codes, fire, plumbing, electrical codes, and zoning regulations and will identify corrections which must be addressed prior to permit issuance.

There are two entertainment permits: 1) for ongoing entertainment at a venue, you need a two-year special permit, or 2) for one-time events, you need a special entertainment permit. For special entertainment permits, please allow enough time in advance of the event for review, inspection and possible re-inspection.

Apply for / renew Entertainment Permit or Special Entertainment Permit

  1. Complete the following forms:
      1. Entertainment Permit Instructions  
      2. Entertainment Permit Application (Part A)  
      3. Manager Listing (Part B)  
      4. Sacramento Police Department 384 (Permit Application) 
      5. Sacramento Police Department 950 (Applicant's Descriptive Information) 
  2. Contact staff once you've completed the forms at (916) 808-3535 or via e-mail ( with questions, or to schedule a permit application intake appointment.
  3. Pay applicable fees   
        New Two-year Entertainment permit application fee  $1,722.00
             Entertainment permit renewal process fee  $1,331.00
             Special Entertainment Permit application fee  $1,405.00
             Fingerprinting fee, per Applicant, Co-Applicant and Manager  $88.00 (per individual)

If renewing, follow steps 1, 2, and 3.  If you are proposing new managers as part of the renewal, fill out the Manager Listing Change Form.


All Entertainment Permit/Special Entertainment Applicants, Co-Applicants and Managers must be fingerprinted by the Sacramento Police Department. The fingerprinting processing fee is $88 per individual. Each Applicant, Co-Applicant and proposed Manager must complete Police forms 384 and 950. The proposed managers must be listed on the Manager and Security Listing (Part B) form.

Add or delete managers

  •  Pay $88.00 fee per proposed manager at 300 Richards Blvd, 3rd floor, and submit Entertainment Permit Manager Listing - Change Form (PDF - 118 KB) with proposed managers or managers to be deleted listed on the form. Retain receipt for fees paid.
  • Complete Police forms 384 and 950 (available above.)
  • Schedule an appointment to be fingerprint by the Sacramento Police Department. Phone (916) 808-0780, to make an appointment. Bring receipt, and forms 384, and 950 (mentioned above) to fingerprinting appointment.
  • Entertainment Permit Staff will contact the applicant when fingerprint results have been received from the Sacramento Police Department.

Change existing permit conditions

Complete the Entertainment Permit Modifications Form and submit it to the indicated address. Various City departments will be checking for life safety issues and will provide recommendations for your modification request. All requests are subject to City approval.