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Tobacco Retailer License

The Tobacco Retailer License Program is aimed to decrease the illegal sale of tobacco products to minors within the city. As part of the program, code compliance staff conducts annual inspections of tobacco retailer establishments, responds to complaints, and coordinates decoy operations with the Sacramento Police Department. More information about the city code establishing the program is available here.

**ATTENTION: Effective immediately we will no longer accept payment without a Tobacco application.

To apply for the Tobacco Retailer License

  1. Fill out the Tobacco Retailer License Application
  2. Write a check or money order in the amount of $370 payable to the City of Sacramento.
  3. Submit the application and payment in person at the Community Development Public Counter, 300 Richards Boulevard, 3rd Floor or mail the completed application and payment to: Code Enforcement, Tobacco Retailer License, 300 Richards Blvd., Third Floor, Sacramento, CA 95811
  4. Wait for approval. Upon approval, the license will be issued and mailed to the licensee.

Annual renewal required

A tobacco retailer license fee in the amount of $370 and completed application are due annually. Current tobacco retailers will be mailed a renewal application and invoice about 60 days prior to license expiration. The fee and renewal application must either be mailed or dropped off per the instructions above.