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The Vacant Lot Program was created to ensure city-wide compliance of vacant lots with public health and safety standards. This will prevent blight and ensure that all vacant lots are properly maintained. This program helps to keep our neighborhoods safe and clean.


Owners of vacant lots are required to annually register each vacant lot property owned. This includes payment of Vacant Lot Program fee per parcel. Registration information is mailed to property owners based on information provided by the Sacramento County Assessor’s Office. Registration is used to confirm property ownership and collect local contact information. If you  received your Vacant Lot Registration notice, here is the link to register online: Vacant Lot Program Registration  If for any reason you are not able to register online and/or prefer to come to our office, you are able to schedule an appointment Monday – Friday 1:00 - 4:00 p.m. Please call 916-808-7902 to request an appointment.

Although we make every effort to mail registration information to potential property owners, it is ultimately the owners’ responsibility to register each property.


A Nuisance Vacant Lot is defined as a lot with two or more administrative penalties or administrative actions issued against the parcel in the prior three years. This includes failure to properly register the property.

In addition to annual Vacant Lot Program requirements, a Nuisance Vacant Lot is subject to Nuisance Vacant Lot Monitoring Fees to recover costs for regularly scheduled inspections to ensure compliance with city codes. These lots also require installation of a 4’ x 4’ foot sign with lettering not less than 6” high that must be clearly visible the public right of way and lists the local contact representative’s phone number.

Nuisance Vacant Lots will remain designated as such until a community garden as defined in section 17.108.040 has been installed upon the property; a permitted construction of a residential or commercial structure has been completed upon the property; or the property has remained nuisance-free (e.g. no weeds, junk and debris, human waste or illegal human habitation) for a period of 24 or more consecutive months.


The Vacant Lot Program collects fees to help cover the cost of the program administration and operational costs.

Vacant Lot Program Fee $65 per parcel

Nuisance Vacant Lot Monitoring Fee $275 per inspection

*All property owners who fail to register or properly maintain their lots are subject administrative fees and penalties. 

Below is a before photo of a vacant lot filled with junk and debris. The after photo is the same vacant lot in compliance.

Mack Road Vacant Lot with Junk and DebrisMack Road Vacant Lot Photo


Vacant Lot Exclusion

Pursuant to Sacramento City Code (SCC) 8.136.020, a vacant lot with an active community garden, as defined by SCC 17.108.040, or with a structure that is permitted by the City of Sacramento, can be excluded from the Vacant Lot Program. Please complete the Vacant Lot Exclusion form and submit to for review.



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