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Click here to visit the COVID-19 Eviction Moratorium page for more tenant protection information in relation to COVID-19.


Program staff are hosting a series of targeted webinars to provide tenants and landlords more information and answer questions. Please check back for upcoming webinars or you may request a webinar by emailing

Past Webinars

ABOUT Our Tenant Protection PROGRAM

Sacramento’s Tenant Protection Program was created to assist residential tenants with increasing rental rates by establishing limits on annual rent increases. For longer term tenants, it also provides protection from unwarranted lease termination. The program helps provide renters in the City of Sacramento with more stability to remain in their rental units.

Read the full Tenant Protection and Relief Act Ordinance.


Rental Property Registration and Program Fees:

  • Landlords must annually register rental units subject to code.
  • Landlords must pay an annual Tenant Protection Program fee of $20 per unit.
  • Registration information and program fee invoices are mailed directly to landlords.

Maximum Rate Increase Limit:

  • Rental rate increase cannot exceed 5% plus the change in the CPI.
  • Maximum rental rate increase is updated annually on July 1 and the current maximum rate increase is 6%.
  • Rental rate cannot be increased more than once every 12 months and applies to all tenants regardless of how long they have resided in the unit.
  • Landlord can petition City for hearing examiner to review an increase rent above the maximum. Must provide documentation to justify request.

Eviction Protections

  • Landlord must offer to renew rental housing agreement if tenant has resided in unit for more than 12 months plus one day.
  • Evictions are prohibited without “just cause” once tenant has resided in rental unit for more than 12 month  


Have questions on your rights and responsibilities? Need help with a rent increase or eviction notice? please contact us at 916-808-8121 or

STAY Informed

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Program Information

Tenant Protection Program
Sacramento’s Tenant Protection Program assists residential tenants and landlords with questions about annual rent increase limits and protections for unjustified evictions, facilitating a fair rate of return or pre-eviction hearings, and administering and enforcing City code. 916-808-8121

Sacramento Self Help Housing / Renters Helpline
Nonprofit retained by the City of Sacramento to assists individuals and families who have insufficient resources for adequate housing due to the COVID-19 Tenant Relief Act.
Renters Helpline: 916-389-7877 (916) 341-0593

Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency
SHRA is providing emergency rent and utilities assistance for renters impacted by COVID-19. In partnership with the City and County of Sacramento. 916-440-1390

Sacramento CARES Mediation Program
Sacramento’s Community Development Department retained the Sacramento Mediation Center to provide no-cost, voluntary dispute resolution services for tenants and landlords within the City of Sacramento. Continues while funding is available. 916-850-9010