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About the Office of Emergency Management

Sacramento City Emergency Operations Center

The City of Sacramento Office of Emergency Management (OEM) coordinates the planning, preparedness, communication, response, and recovery during man-made or natural disasters. OEM also has oversight over the Emergency Operations Center (EOC). The EOC is activated to support the on-scene response during an escalating incident. The EOC is a physical location staffed with personnel trained for and equipped with mechanisms for communicating with the incident site and obtaining resources.

Citizen Emergency Notification System

Sign up in case of emergency tags

Fast-moving wildfires in California and catastrophic flooding in other parts of the nation remind us how important it is to receive emergency alerts. It takes a few minutes to register and may save your life. If you have a cell phone, please check within your settings to ensure the device is set up to receive emergency alerts. Additionally, signing up for Sacramento Alert with your cell or landline phone will enable you to receive important local public safety messages. To sign up to receive emergency alerts visit Sacramento Alert. For more information, download our Frequently Asked Questions and our Sign Up Flyer. Learn about the Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA) system from Cal OES.

How to Prepare for Disaster

Sacramento Emergency Management diagram

This iconic cycle of emergency management shows the 4 principles of Preparedness, Response, Recovery, and Mitigation.


Sacramento Storm Ready Logo

Did you know Sacramento is one of the few accredited StormReady cities in California? Sacramento was granted this accreditation based on Sacramento’s storm preparedness and communication plans.