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Project Prosper - Your ideas. Your voice.

Project Prosper


Project Prosper is an initiative to spark a city-wide conversation on equitable and inclusive growth within neighborhoods, and beyond.

After holding a myriad of public meetings to educate and gather input, we're now asking residents to empower themselves with the Project Prosper Digital Kit.

Included in the digital kit is a roughly 20-minute presentation that closely mirrors the format of the public meetings where participants were briefed on methods for inclusive economic growth. They were then asked to give their personal priorities for what would make neighborhoods more successful. We're asking you to do the same.

Step 1. Listen to the project prosper presentation


This digital kit is approximately 20 minutes long and will ask participants to take a survey at the end. The feedback gathered by the survey below will help the City better understand the unique needs and challenges of our diverse neighborhoods.

Step 2. Take the after-survey

Give us your priorities in the included survey.

Step 3. Spread the word

Share this digital kit with your friends and/or distribute at your neighborhood meetings, social media networks and/or community gatherings.

The presentation above references this document that can be printed and handed out if you're showing at a community meeting.


If you have any questions about the digital workshop, please email us back at, subject line "Project Prosper Digital Kit".