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Accessibility Support

Enter accessibility mode by pressing the Tab key on your keyboard. Once you've entered Accessibility Mode, the following key combinations will assist you in navigating our site. For more information on our web accessibility, read our Accessibility Statement

Exit Accessibility Mode  ESC
Move forward from link to link or to controls Tab
Move backward from link to link or to controls Shift + Tab
Select buttons Spacebar
Navigate and select Radio Buttons Arrow
Select/deselect boxes Spacebar
Move from box to box Tab
Open a List Box ALT + Down arrow
Select a List Box Option Enter
Switch between browser menu tabbing and page tabbing Alt
Scroll to next screen Page Down
Scroll to previous screen Page Up
Switch between browsing tabs Ctrl + Page Up/Down
Browse Back Backspace
Browse forward Shift + Backspace
Browse Back ALT + Left Arrow
Browser Forward ALT + Right Arrow
Go to the top of the page CTRL + Home
Go to the bottom of the page CTRL + End
Close the current tab CTRL + W
Refresh the screen F5
Select URL bar F6